Coal chemical, mineral, element, physical, and mechanical properties were tested by the following certified laboratories: 

  • Freiberg Mining Academy
  • University of Mining and Technology, Freiberg Germany
  • Electrical or Chemical Engineering industry, Freiberg Germany
  • Alex Stewart LLC’s laboratory, Mongolia
  • Central Geological Laboratory, Mongolia
  • Nuclear Research Center of the National University of Mongolia
  • Geology department of National University of Mongolia




Main properties of coal:

- Moisture:

- Ash content:

- Volatile matter:

- Sulphur content:

- Calorific value:

- Free swelling

Analytic /Wad/ 18.7%

Analytic /Aad/ 20.9%

Analytic /Vad/ 28.5%

Analytic /Sadtot/ 0.89%

Qadb 3680 kcal/kg, Qdaf b 6324 kcal/kg in dry condition without ash


Oil shale outcrop samples were analyzed by:

Chemical Institute of Mongolian Academy of Science

Independent review was conducted by:

Jilin Institute of ChemicalTechnology, China

Properties of oil shale:

The test results indicate that average tar yield is about 5.5%.